We have a fantastic bean bag beans filling station in Melbourne where you can get your bean bag expertly filled to perfection with King Kahuna beanbag beans.  King Kahuna staff with nearly 20 years of experience in filling bean bags will make your Kahuna look & feel fantastic.

King Kahuna DOUBLE STRENGTH - DOUBLE DENSITY   bean bag beans are great value for money and are made using high quality, industrial-strength, insulation materials.  Our beans are manufactured DOUBLE the weight, so they won’t compress as fast as a low quality supermarket brand, saving you time and money on bean fill.  King Kahuna high quality polystyrene beans are a ‘twice the life bean'.

If you need your beanbags filled we have two options for you!

1. Come to our store with your beanbag and we will fill it for you. No charge to fill your bean bag! Just pay for the beans.

2. We can deliver your bean bags filled within the local Melbourne area. Contact us via email or ring us on 93702088 to organize delivery. (Courier charge applies)



We can fill ANY bean nbag, even if they are not king kahuna beanbags!. we charge a fee of $17.50 per 100 litres and $5 filling fee per bag.

Small lightweight beads present a severe
 danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.