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Bean Bag Chairs

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    22 products
    Get the best bean bag chairs in Australia today! King Kahuna beanbag chairs are recognised as Australia’s No. 1 for quality. Our beanbag chairs are handcrafted locally from only the finest fabrics and are strong, comfortable, and easy to clean. You can even use your King Kahuna bean bag chairs outdoors in the sun or near the water. ...Our high-quality outdoor beanbag chairs for adults are all stitched with nylon bonded threads and have locking safety zippers that meet Australian Safety Standards.

    Beanbag Chairs for kids, standard, queen, king, or couch beanbag chairs

    We offer a great range of sizes from kids, standard, queen, king or couch bean bag chairs that are available in the highest quality fabrics and various finishes.

    You can get kids, standard, queen, king or couch bean bag chairs with a velvet look and feel, made out of signature Warwick fabrics such as Essence, Mystere, Plush, Felix, or Profile Corduroy. The fabrics we use for these bean bag chairs are high-performance with a heavy commercial rating. This means that you’ll get a bean bag chair that’s easy to clean and durable too.

    For a leather look and feel, we have kids, standard, queen, king, or couch bean bag chairs made out of Warwick Eastwood. The Warwick Eastwood also meets heavy commercial standards, ensuring these bean bag chairs withstand intense abrasion.

    If you want a more uniquely elegant look, King Kahuna offers kids', standard, queen, king, or couch beanbag chairs with art deco-inspired prints from these Warwick fabrics: Plaza, Grand, Waldorf, and Fairmont. We also have these beanbag chairs in Original Bradmill Denim and Super suede.

    Bean Bag Chairs Outdoor

    Our Innova outdoor bean bag chair is made of 100% acrylic fabric. Its Teflon coating provides a protective top layer that preserves the surface and resists dirt. This fully waterproof bean bag chair also has micro-organism and stain resistance. Have fun outdoors without worrying about fabric maintenance, as it is simple and easy. The Innova waterproof bean bag chair comes in the Queen size with dimensions of 1.4m (140cm) height, 1.3m (130cm) width, and 1.3m (130cm) length. It also comes in the Standard size with dimensions of 1.2m (120cm) height, 1m (100cm) width, and 1m (100 cm) length.

    Our Innova waterproof bean bag chair comes in 10 colours: White, Barley, Black, Bottle Green, Burgundy, Custard, Navy Blue, Opal, Sand, and Steel. If you’re in Melbourne, you can also opt to have your Innova waterproof bean bag chairs filled with beans.

    Aside from our Innova waterproof bean bag chair, we also have our King Kahuna Sunbrella outdoor beanbag chairs. Cool, stylish, and suitable for most outdoor environments, the Sunbrella outdoor bean bag chair is saturated with highly UV-stable pigments integral to the fabric. These pigments won’t wash off over time and have mould resistance. It’s easy to clean this outdoor beanbag chair — all you need is a bleach solution. You don’t even have to worry about your outdoor bean bag chairs losing their colour, as it’s a part of every fibre’s core.

    Our Sunbrella outdoor beanbag chair comes in 13 colours: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Charcoal Grey, Green, Linen Tweed, Ash Grey, Captain Navy, Charcoal Tweed, Orange, Red, and Yellow. Like the Innova waterproof beanbag chairs, these outdoor beanbag chairs are available in Queen and Standard sizes.

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