The King Kahuna


It is particularly important that the purchaser carefully read these instructions and guarantee conditions in order to get the maximum use of their King Kahuna product.

One Year Guarantee

One Year Guarantee covers the unlikely advent of faulty material or workmanship but excludes misuse, neglect and standard wear and tear. Proof of purchase is required.

Three Year Guarantee

King Kahuna beanbags are handcrafted in Australia to ACCC standards and double stitched with nylon bonded threads. Only the highest quality materials are used and we believe our products are among the best bean bags in the world. This is why we are successfully offering peace of mind to our customers with a Three Year Guarantee across our varied ranges.

We guarantee all our products at King Kahuna are free from defects in materials and workmanship for Three Years from the original date of purchase. While we are covering the unlikely advent of unfulfilled workmanship or faulty material, our guarantee policy does not include the normal wear and tear, misuse, neglect and accidents. Proof of purchase is required.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. Your King Kahuna product will be repaired or replaced without charge at the manufacturer’s discretion, provided the collected or bought product has been found to be defective due to faulty workmanship or it is having structural defects during the guaranteed life.

2. Guarantee shall not apply if the product is:
• Soiled
• Burned
• Punctured
• Neglected
• In an unsanitary condition
• Carelessly or unreasonably treated
• Abused, damaged or used in any manner other than its intended purpose
• Cleaned contrary to manufacturers cleaning guidelines

3. Guarantee is also invalid if the product is/ has been:
Altered or tampered with
An un-authorized repairer has repaired or serviced it
Brand logos, tags and warning labels are removed.

4. This guarantee is valid only to the original purchaser and is not transferable or assignable. The purchaser is required under this guarantee to provide proof of purchase.

5. In the event you observe a defect, immediately contact the retailer from who you purchased the product. If you are unable to contact the retailer, contact us directly at (03) 9370 2088. You must supply proof of date and place of purchase.

Safety Guarantee

King Kahuna meets and exceeds consumer product safety standards (of the Australian Trade Practices Act 1979) and consumer products safety standards in Australia. All King Kahuna Bean Bags and Bean Bag Liners are fitted with child-resistant zips to avoid unnecessary mess and potential hazards. The appropriate warning labels are fitted and clearly displayed on all our products.

WARNING: Small Lightweight Beads Present a Severe Danger to Children if Swallowed or Inhaled.


Information on product safety and standards is available on the ACCC website: This website is updated on a regular basis with news on bans, recalls and mandatory updates. On this website, one shall also find the media releases on product safety along with links to other useful relevant websites.

Conditions of Sale

You are entitled to a refund OR repair OR credit if the products you have bought are:
• Faulty
• Significantly different to those shown or described to you
• Not doing what they're supposed to do.


When you buy you should choose carefully. Refund and credit notes are not provided for simply changing your mind. A credit voucher may be issued if the product does not adhere to the Conditions of Sale as outlined above.

The purchaser has to pay all the freight and handling charges. The purchaser has to keep all the receipts as a purchase proof. Upon purchase, all prices are finalized. Prices are subject to change without notice and are at the discretion of King Kahuna Pty Ltd.