Bean Bag Bean Filling

We have a fantastic bean bag beans filling station in Melbourne where our staff with over 20 years experience can get your bean bag expertly filled to look and feel fantastic with King Kahuna Beans.

King Kahuna Filling Services

Please call us on 9370 2088 to book a time for bean filling - minimum of 2 Hours BEFORE your preferred booking time.

Fill your King Kahuna bean bags

Come to our store with your original King Kahuna bean bag and we will fill it for you. All you pay is just for the beans.

Cost for beans: $20.00 per 100 litres.

Standard Plus: $70.00

Queen: $105.00

King: $170.00

No extra service fees charged!

Call to book in your King Kahuna bean bags

Fill any other bean bags

We can fill ANY Bean Bag, even if they are not King Kahuna beanbags! There is a single service fee to fill non-King Kahuna bean bags.

Cost for beans: $20.00 per 100 litres
Service fee: $10 per bag.

Call to book in your bean bags

Refills and top-ups

Top-up your bean bags with extra beans for extra comfort and shape. Out top-up service is available for ANY bean bag at just the cost of the beans.

Cost for beans: $20.00 per 100 litres.

King Kahuna - No service fee charge.
Non King Kahuna - Service fee: $10 per bag.

Call to book in your bean bags for a top-up

Trade, corporate & education filling orders

Please call us on 9370 2088 during business hours to get a quote and book a time to get large orders for workplaces, schools and trade filled.

Call us to quote for trade, corporate & education

Filling Guide

Depending on the style, size and number of bean bags you need filled, we may require you to leave the bags with us overnight for next day pick-up.

King Kahuna’s Exclusive TRIPLE BLEND BFC Memory Foam and Bean and Core mix.

We have use our 26 years of experience to create the Ultimate bean bag filling.

Our own Unique blend makes your bean bag Luxuriously soft supportive and comfortable, whilst giving it a Long Lasting fill that will not require consistent regular top-ups and utilising premium environmentally friendly recycled materials which can be used for years and years between any bean bags you have, saving you money and the environment.

Starting with Our Long lasting Double Density BEANS, double density beans means double the time before they squash and compress. Far superior to lesser beans on the market.

Locally sourced recycled premium furniture Manufacturing Cut-Offs of only the highest quality High Density Memory Foam. For that super soft and comforting feel.

A recycled crumbled core foam to add stability and a long lasting fill, tripling the time between top-ups, saving you money!

Only with this unique blend can you achieve the ultimate in bean bag comfort. Allowing your bean bag to be soft and snuggly, whilst still being able to adjust your bean bag to your desired seating position (not possible if you use just memory foam) and giving a long lasting durable fill saving you money! and we help protect the environment by saving on land fill.

Our GROUNDBREAKING mix which we have been researching and perfecting over the years is Exclusive and Unique to King Kahuna. Our competitors may try to copy us (like always) but will always come up short. our experience and Local resources are second to none.

King Kahuna


King Kahuna Beans are great value for money and are made using high quality, industrial-strength, insulation materials.

Our DOUBLE DENSITY beans are manufactured with high quality, industrial strength polystyrene and are combined with high density SUPER SOFT shredded memory foam giving you superior long lasting support and supremely luxurious comfort.

Bean Recycling Centre

Q. For years we have been asked, What do I do with my old beans?

A. Don't throw them in landfill, take them to King Kahuna to be recycled instead.

We offer a bean take back recycling service. We recycle to donate. * Terms and conditions apply.

Bean Bag Filling Pick-up & Drop-off

Please use the Loading Dock at the rear of our store.
Enter via Walter st (through the burgandy gates).

291 Maribyrnong Road
Ascot Vale 3032

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